Discover Onsite Salt Generated Chlorine!

Onsite salt generated chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) is the most cost effective form of chlorination. It is environmentally friendly and can be used wherever chlorine disinfection is required.

The Hypogen® range of onsite chlorine generators, produced by Liquid Chlorine New Zealand are a proven cost effective, dependable and safe alternative to chlorine gas and bulk commercial sodium hypochlorite.   

We offer non-membrane generators, membrane generators, sodium hypochlorite pH adjustable generators and sodium hypochlorite generators with output concentrations up to 2.4%!

Liquid Chlorine New Zealand and the Hypogen® range of onsite chlorine generators, along with our installation service can seamlessly change your existing chlorination system to an onsite salt generated chlorine system. For new complex’s and installation’s Liquid Chlorine New Zealand can take care of all your requirements, from sizing the generator, through to installing and commissioning your complete chlorine dosing system. We have the skills and experience to meet all your onsite chlorine generation needs!

Please take this opportunity to see the benefits of using onsite salt generated chlorine and what Liquid Chlorine New Zealand has to offer you and your company.


Salt generated chlorine increases water quality, reduces the overall disinfection costs, reduces the cost of pH adjustment and at low strengths is classified as non-hazardous. Read more...


The Hypogen® range of onsite salt chlorine generators are designed by Liquid Chlorine New Zealand.

We have a range of chlorine generators to suit all your requirements.. Read more...

Technical Info

The Hypogen® system produces onsite low strength sodium hypochlorite. This is done through the electrolysis of brine solution. Water and salt is combined and passed through... Read more