Hypogen Range

The Hypogen® range of onsite chlorine generators, produced by Liquid Chlorine New Zealand, come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet all your onsite chlorine generation needs.

We offer non-membrane generators, membrane generators, sodium hypochlorite pH adjustable generators and sodium hypochlorite generators with output concentrations up to 2.4%!

The Hypogen series is one of the most sophisticated onsite chlorine generators on the market and were developed with the end user in mind. It is fully automatic, designed for reliability and has a low operating cost.


  • Swimming Pool Water

  • Potable Water

  • Municipal and Industrial Wastewater

  • Remote Chlorine Dosing Plants

First Hypogen S, Installed at AC Baths, Taupo, 2009

Product Range:

Liquid Chlorine New Zealand produces three ranges of onsite chlorine generators: 

The Hypogen S model is designed for any application requiring chlorine as a disinfectant, it is a non-membrane system and produces sodium hypochlorite up to 1.0% in concentration. The Hypogen S is fully automatic, comes as standard with a graphic colour operator touch screen and 4G modem. The colour touch screen makes the system extremely easy to understand and operate, while giving the operators detailed graphical information on the system. The 4G modem allows the system to be interrogated and controlled remotely, giving operators the freedom, while having the knowledge of the generators current status. The system can send out email and push notifications as desired.

Three Hypogen S models, ready to be installed, 2018

The Hypogen M model is designed for any application requiring chlorine as a disinfectant at higher concentrations, it is a membrane system and produces sodium hypochlorite up to 2.4% in concentration. The Hypogen M is fully automatic, comes as standard with the same features as the Hypogen S model. 

The Hypogen pH model is designed for any application where pH adjusted sodium hypochlorite is required. The Hypogen pH model can produce sodium hypochlorite with an output pH between 6.0 - 9.5pH as desired onsite. This is designed for any closed loop system where an increase in pH from dosing sodium hypochlorite is undesirable. The Hypogen pH model is a membrane system and produces sodium hypochlorite up to 0.8% in concentration.

Hypogen pH model installed at the National Aquatic Centre

Product Range Summary:



Chlorine Output:

Hypogen S Any application requiring chlorine disinfection 250 - 2000g Cl2 / hr *
Hypogen M Any application requiring higher strength output, up to 2.4% 250 - 2000g Cl2 / hr
Hypogen pH Any application requiring pH adjusted sodium hypochlorite 125 - 2000g Cl2 / hr *

 * Larger chlorine outputs are available on request.

Chlorine Equivalent:

The chlorine produced from the Hypogen range of onsite chlorine generators is equivalent to:

1kg of Hypogen Chlorine = • 1kg of Chlorine Gas.
  • 7.69L of 13% Commercial Sodium Hypochlorite.

As an indication, a Hypogen unit with a chlorine output of 24kg per day or 1,000g/hr can produce a monthly equivalent of 720kg of chlorine gas or 5,536L of 13% commercial sodium hypochlorite per month.

To learn more about the Hypogen onsite chlorine generation system, please read the Hypogen System page.