Benefits of Onsite Salt Generated Chlorine

By installing a Hypogen® onsite chlorine generator system, produced by Liquid Chlorine New Zealand, numerous benefits can be taken advantage of. Onsite salt generated chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) benefits the end user, the process and the environment.

Salt generated chlorine is produced from natural products, water and salt. This produces pure natural chlorine, that is environmentally positive. The use of naturally generated chlorine, instead of manmade chlorine such as chlorine gas and bulk commercial chlorine, reduces the formation of disinfection byproducts, improving water clarity.

The Hypogen® series of generators produce a low strength, up to 2.4% sodium hypochlorite solution. At this low strength, below 2.5%, sodium hypochlorite is classified as a non-hazardous chemical. This simplifies storing and handling requirements, removes any transportation risks and is much safer for staff and operators to deal with, yet is still very effective as a disinfectant.

Bulk commercial chlorine has caustic soda and other by-products added to stabilize the chlorine solution. The caustic soda increases the pH of the commercial chlorine, which in turn requires additional chemicals to be added to adjust the pH level of the water. This in turn adds even more chemicals to the water. Salt generated chlorine is a natural stable, low level pH chlorine and has no added by-products.  

Chlorine gas is very poisonous and dangerous to humans. The use of chlorine gas can easily be replaced with the Hypogen® onsite salt chlorine generation system. This eliminates all transportation risks, risks to the operators handling the chlorine gas and the potentially life threatening risk to the public and staff if a chlorine gas leak takes place. Also unlike chlorine gas, that requires site certification and operator training and certification, onsite salt generated chlorine is a non-hazardous chemical and requires no special site certification or staff training.

Onsite Salt Generated Chlorine Benefits:

  • Increase water quality
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Non hazardous
  • Reduce disinfection by-products
  • On demand production
  • Consistent solution strength
  • Increased public safety
  • No special staff training or site certification required
  • Eliminate bulk chemical storage
  • Reduce pH adjustment costs

Onsite salt generated chlorine is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to improve their water quality, use a natural environmentally friendly and save product, while minimizing operational costs.

To find out about the range of Hypogen® onsite chlorine generators available please refer to the Hypogen Range page.