Please find below the latest available downloads from Liquid Chlorine New Zealand for the Hypogen® range of onsite chlorine generators.

Product Brochure:

Hypogen Brochure.pdf

More downloads coming soon.

Hypogen Technical Data:

Capacity: 500 - 2000gram/hour (12 - 48kg/day).

Power Consumption: Approximately 4.5kWh per kg of chlorine.

Salt Consumption: 3.75kg of salt per kg of chlorine.

Sodium Hypochlorite Strength: 0.8% (8g/l).

Inlet Water Pressure: 100-800kPa.

Inlet Electrolyte Temperature: 5 - 27deg.C

Power Supply: 500gram/hour = 1Ø/N/PE, 1000grams/hour & up = 3Ø/N/PE.